Ready to use games covering the entire curriculum
Full control over content selection
Automatic team building from a class list
Friendly competitive game with a fun take on relay racing
Fun learning and thorough knowledge testing
Automatic student score and mark calculation
Immediate display of students' progress
Student marks ready for report cards


Fun In Classroom Games Work

Fun In Classroom is a set of friendly competitive games covering the entire curriculum. The Lucky Owl Game is designed for grades 1-3 and the Relay Race Game is designed for grades 4-8.

1. A class is split into teams and students are presented with questions randomly chosen from a question pool.

2. Students answer the questions according to the game rules - a fun take on relay racing (patent pending). Watch the 3 minute tutorial above to understand the game concept. Every student is involved and the game brings a lot of fun and excitement into the classroom.

3. A student gets a point every time he/she answers a question correctly. These points are accumulated and used to automatically calculate student marks and score.

4. The student mark is based on individual performance and is determined by the ratio of correct answers to the total answers for this student. Student marks can be used in a report card.

5. The student score is based on team performance and is the number of answers the team got correct. When a student accumulates enough points he/she becomes eligible for a reward.

Getting Started

1. Watch the video above to understand the game concept.

2. Click PLAY above to get to the Main Menu to access the units. You can open any of our self-guided units as a demo with pre-populated class lists to see them in action.

3. Click HERE to create an account and get a free 1 year license.

4. Login to the units using your account email and password.